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Refund Status

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In today’s world online environment is used for variety of purposes. Refund status can also now be easily checked online. refund status for income tax can also be easily checked online just with a click of the mouse. This scheme is called as the Refund Pilot Scheme.


  • This scheme is restricted only to few CIT but will be extended very soon to other areas as well.
  • The status will be available for only those taxpayers whose refunds have to go through the scheme i.e. refund banker pilot scheme.
  • The refund status along with government refund status can be checked through NSDL official website.
  • To check the status the form has to be filled and submitted and then the person will be guided to the new page from where the status can be checked through pan.

For Checking The Refund Status For Income Tax :

  • First see whether your state or federal tax return has been accepted by IRS through refund status e filing.
  • If it has been accepted through refund status e filing then the dates of tax refunds must be checked i.e. acceptance dates, transmission dates of tax return and IRS deposit dates of tax refund.
  • The status be it income tax or government refund status it can also be checked by calling to 1-800-829-4477for the automated information at all hours in a day.

Thus the status can very easily be checked through various online websites and with simple procedures.

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